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What better way to create impact than to harness the power of ?

Communication today is not only about a message, it’s about how you deliver it. The all-new HELIOS (High Efficiency LED Informative Operations System) from Lighthouse Technologies Ltd. powerfully delivers your messages more easily and efficiently, creating greater audience impact than traditional outdoor furniture.

As a leading developer, manufacturer, and global marketer of state-of-the-art LED display technology, Lighthouse has created HELIOS using our own award-winning technologies, combining superior brightness, true-to-life high resolution, pioneering control and communication technologies and unmatched reliability and service in a single system.

Welcome to HELIOS,

by Lighthouse Technologies Limited

What is ?

HELIOS is not just a product, but a complete communication system. The display unit is outdoor furniture for the 21st century, where high-performance, reliable, versatile, low-cost communication is essential. The dual-sided design allows for a backlit poster to be displayed on one side, while Lighthouse’s own 6mm pixel pitch, 3000 nits brightness LED screen displays dynamic content on the other. HELIOS’s LED technology allows you to display a series of advertisements in rotation over any period of time you wish, dramatically increasing your ad space value, and all in the ultra-fine picture quality our LED screens offer. Combined with an advanced content control management and distribution technology and a rugged weatherproof design, HELIOS is a cost-effective advertising solution perfect for use in a wide range of applications.