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One System, Total Control

Easy installation, easy to maintain

Mounted on a sliding platform, the LED screen can quickly slide out either side of the display unit for easy access to the IM (Intelligent Module), saving on servicing related downtime and costs. Control units, modem and PSUs are all kept conveniently in the compartment under the screen, allowing access without disturbing the LED panel itself. It also features in ground or above ground installation, and can be easily accessed and lifted via forklift or crane.

Rock solid durability, Beautiful Brightness

Lighthouse weatherproofs all of its outdoor products and the HELIOS is no exception. Tested under extreme weather conditions, HELIOS delivers sun-beating brightness for excellent all weather image viewing without missing a pixel.

Visually striking appearance

HELIOS doesn’t just display beautiful images—it embodies them. Its painted galvanized steel chassis allows for a dual-tone color scheme that creates a visual hierarchy, drawing viewers’ attention to the LED screen. Better yet, customers are free to choose the frame and color options that best meet their needs.